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 Commodore Amiga CD³²

ATR: All Terrain Racing

Bubba 'n' Stix

Cannon Fodder

Chuck Rock II: Son of Chuck


James Pond 2: Robocod

Jungle Strike: The Sequel to Desert Strike

Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge

Lotus III: The Ultimate Challenge

Lotus Turbo Challenge 2


Sensible Soccer: European Champions Limited Edition featuring World Cup Teams

Super Methane Bros


The Chaos Engine (Spectacular Voyage)

Total Carnage

 Microsoft Xbox

Doom 3 (Limited Collector's Edition)

Doom II

The Ultimate Doom

 Microsoft Xbox 360

'Splosion Man

Alan Wake

Alan Wake (Limited Collector's Edition)

Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle

Alice: Madness Returns

Alien Breed 2: Assault

Alien Breed 3: Descent

Alien Breed: Evolution

Alien Storm

Alien Syndrome

Aliens vs Predator

Altered Beast (Arcade - SEGA System 16)

Altered Beast (SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive)

Assassin's Creed

Batman: Arkham Asylum (Classics)

Batman: Arkham City


Binary Domain

Bionic Commando


BioShock 2

BioShock Infinite


Blades of Time



Bomberman Live

Bonanza Bros.

Brütal Legend


Bully: Scholarship Edition

Burnout: Paradise - The Ultimate Box

Burnout: Revenge

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow


Clive Barker's Jericho (Special Edition)

Colin McRae: DiRT

Colin McRae: DiRT 2


Comix Zone


Condemned 2: Bloodshot

Condemned: Criminal Origins (Platinum Hits)

Congo Bongo

Crysis 2 (Limited Edition)

Crysis 3 (Hunter Edition)

Dante's Inferno

Dark Souls


Darksiders II (Limited Edition)

Darkstar One: Broken Alliance

Dead Island

Dead Rising (Classics)

Dead Rising 2 (Zombrex Edition)

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

Dead Space

Dead Space 2

Dead Space 3 (Limited Edition)

Dead to Rights: Retribution

Deadly Premonition


DeathSmiles (Deluxe Edition)

Decap Attack

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Devil May Cry 4

Dishonored (Special Edition)


Doom 3: BFG Edition

Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil

Doom II: Hell on Earth

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine

Dragon Age II

Dragon Age: Origins (Ultimate Edition)

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening (Ultimate Edition)

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

Driver: San Francisco

Duke Nukem Forever (Balls of Steel Edition)

Dynamite Headdy

Earth Defense Force 2025

Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard

Ecco the Dolphin

Ecco: The Tides of Time

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

ESWAT: Cyber Police

F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin

F.E.A.R. 3

F.E.A.R.: Extraction Point

F.E.A.R.: Perseus Mandate

Fable II (Game of the Year Edition)

Fable II: Knothole Island

Fable II: See the future

Fable III (Limited Collector's Edition)

Fairytale Fights

Fallout 3 (Game of the Year Edition)

Fallout 3: Broken Steel

Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta

Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage

Fallout 3: Point Lookout

Fallout 3: The Pitt

Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas (Ultimate Edition) (Classics)

Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Money

Fallout: New Vegas - Gun Runners' Arsenal

Fallout: New Vegas - Honest Hearts

Fallout: New Vegas - Lonesome Road

Fallout: New Vegas - Old World Blues

Fantasy Zone

Fatal Labyrinth

FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage


Forza Motorsport 2

Forza Motorsport 3 (Limited Collector's Edition)

Forza Motorsport 4 (Limited Collector's Edition)


Gain Ground

Gears of War (Classics)

Gears of War 2 (Game of the Year Edition)

Gears of War 3

Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2

Ghostbusters: The Video Game

Golden Axe

Golden Axe II

Golden Axe III

Golden Axe Warrior

Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony

Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2: Episode One

Half-Life 2: Episode Two

Halo 3 (Classics) (Re-Release)

Hunted: The Demon's Forge

John Woo Presents Stranglehold (Collector's Edition)

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

Kid Chameleon

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

L.A. Noire (The Complete Edition)

L.A. Noire: A Slip of the Tongue

L.A. Noire: Nicholson Electroplating

L.A. Noire: Reefer Madness

L.A. Noire: The Consul's Car

L.A. Noire: The Naked City

LEGO Batman: The Videogame


Lollipop Chainsaw

Lumines Live!

Mass Effect

Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 3 (N7 Collector's Edition)

Max Payne 3

Metro 2033

Mini Ninjas

Mortal Kombat (Komplete Edition, Bestseller)

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (Limited Edition)

Need For Speed: Shift

Need for Speed: The Run


Overlord II

Phantasy Star

Phantasy Star II

Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom

Phantasy Star: The End of the Millenium


Prey: We Are Next.

Project Gotham Racing 4

Prototype (Classics)

Prototype 2 (Radnet Edition)


Quake 4

Quake II

Race Driver GRID

Race Pro

Rage (Anarchy Edition)

Rayman Origins

Rayman Raving Rabbids

Red Dead Redemption

Red Faction: Armageddon (Commando & Recon Edition)

Red Faction: Guerrilla

Resident Evil 5


Saints Row (Classics)

Saints Row 2 (Classics)

SEGA Rally

Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter

Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter

Shadows of the Damned

Shift 2: Unleashed (Limited Edition)

Shining Force

Shining Force II

Shining in the Darkness


Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master

Sid Meier's Civilization: Revolution

Silent Hill: Downpour

Silent Hill: Homecoming


Sleeping Dogs

Soldier of Fortune: Payback

Sonic & Knuckles

Sonic 3D: Flickie's Island

Sonic Spinball

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Sonic the Hedgehog 3

Space Harrier


Split/Second: Velocity

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

Streets of Rage

Streets of Rage 3

Streets of Rage II

Stuntman: Ignition

Super Thunder Blade

Superstars V8 Racing

Superstars V8: Next Challenge


Team Fortress 2

The Darkness

The Darkness II (Limited Edition)

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (5th Anniversary Edition) (Classics)

The Simpsons Game

The Story of Thor

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (Enhanced Edition)


Tomb Raider

Too Human

Top Spin 4

Trials HD

Tropico 4


Vanquish (Lenticular Sleeve)


Vertorman 2

Viking: Battle for Asgard

Virtua Tennis 2009

Virtua Tennis 3

Virtua Tennis 4

Viva Piñata

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine


Williams Pinball Classics


XCOM: Enemy Unknown


 Microsoft Xbox 360 - Download

'Splosion Man

1942: Joint Strike

A Kingdom for Keflings

A World of Keflings

Alan Wake's American Nightmare

All Zombies Must Die!

Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel

Assassin's Creed II

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Assault Heroes

Assault Heroes 2


Beyond Good & Evil HD

Bionic Commando: Rearmed

Brain Challenge

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Bubble Bobble Neo!

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

Castle Crashers

Charlie Murder

Costume Quest

Dash of Destruction

Dead Block


Defense Grid: The Awakening

Dig Dug


Doom II

Dungeon Defenders

Dust: An Elysian Tail


Faery: Legends of Avalon

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Feeding Frenzy


From Dust


Gears of War: Judgment

Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved

Golden Axe

Gotham City Impostors

Halo Wars

Halo: Reach

Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit

Hexic HD

I Am Alive

Iron Brigade

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

Lost Odyssey

Lumines Live!

Mafia II

Mars: War Logs

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes

Mirror's Edge

Monaco: What's Yours is Mine

Ms. Pac-Man

Ms. Pac-Man

MX vs. ATV Alive


Outrun Online Arcade

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX


Pinball FX

Pinball FX2

Plants vs. Zombies

Puzzle Quest 2

Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords

R-Type Dimensions

R.A.W.: Realms of Ancient War


Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game

Sensible World of Soccer

Shadow Complex


Shoot Many Robots

Sine Mora



The Cave

The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition

The Walking Dead: 400 Days

The Walking Dead: Episode 1 - A New Day

The Walking Dead: Episode 2 - Starved for Help

The Walking Dead: Episode 3 - Long Road Ahead

The Walking Dead: Episode 4 - Around Every Corner

The Walking Dead: Episode 5 - No Time Left

The Walking Dead: Season Two - Episode One: All That Remains

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 - Faith


Tower Bloxx Deluxe

Toy Soldiers


WRC: FIA World Rally Championship

Zombie Driver HD

 Microsoft Xbox One

Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China

Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India

Assassin's Creed Chronicles: Russia

Assassin's Creed: Unity (Bastille Edition)

Atic Atac


Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts



Battletoads Arcade

Blast Corps

Cobra Triangle

Conker's Bad Fur Day

Dead Rising 3 (Apocalypse Edition)

Diablo III

Digger T. Rock: The Legend of the Lost City

Fallout 4 (Pip-Boy Edition)

Forza Horizon 2 (Day One Edition)

Forza Motorsport 6 (Ten Year Anniversary Edition)

Grabbed by the Ghoulies

Grand Theft Auto V


Halo 5: Guardians (Limited Edition)

Jet Force Gemini


Jetpac Refuelled

Kameo: Elements of Power

Killer Instinct Gold

Knight Lore

LEGO Jurassic World

Little Nightmares (Six Edition)

Lords of the Fallen (Limited Edition)

Lunar Jetman

Mittelerde: Mordors Schatten (Game of the Year Edition)

Mittelerde: Mordors Schatten - Der Helle Herrscher

Mittelerde: Mordors Schatten - Meister der Jagd

Perfect Dark

Perfect Dark Zero

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 (Day One Edition)

R.C. Pro-Am

R.C. Pro-Am II

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Sabre Wulf


Snake Rattle N Roll

Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship

Sunset Overdrive (Day One Edition)

Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 1 - Zer0 Sum

Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 2 - Atlas ausgeraubt

Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 3 - Per Anhalter unterwegs

Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 4 - Fluchtplan Bravo

Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 5 - Die Kammer des Reisenden

This War of Mine: The Little Ones


Viva Piñata

Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise

Wolfenstein: The New Order (Occupied Edition)

Zombie Army Trilogy

 Microsoft Xbox One - Download

Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Assassin's Creed: Unity - Der Amerikanische Gefangene

Assassin's Creed: Unity - Die Chemische Revolution

Child of Light

Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious

Goat Simulator

Guns, Gore & Cannoli

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris


Massive Chalice

Ori and The Blind Forest


Pool Nation FX

Rayman Legends

Slain: Back from Hell

Song of the Deep

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 - Faith

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 - Smoke & Mirrors

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 - A Crooked Mile

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 4 - In Sheep's Clothing

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5 - Cry Wolf

Valiant Hearts - The Great War

Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition


Aces over Europe

Airline Tycoon Evolution (Carbon Line)

Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare

American McGee's Alice (Software Pyramide)

Anno 1503 (Königs-Edition)

Anno 1503: Schätze, Monster & Piraten


Clive Barker's Undying (EA Classics)

Cold Fear

Creatures 2

Destruction Derby (Neon Edition)

Die Siedler (Blue Byte Classics, Jewelcase)

Die Siedler II (Neuausgabe)

Die Siedler II: Die nächste Generation (Limitierte Edition)



GTR: FIA GT Racing Game (EA Classics)

Hell-Copter (Computer Bild Spiele 12/1999)

HellForces (Razor Games)

Heretic II

Hunter Hunted

Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne

Need for Speed: Porsche - 40 Jahre 911

No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way

Quake II (Xplosiv)

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Desert Siege

Turok: Evolution (USK KJ)

Unreal II: The Awakening

Virtua Tennis

 PC - Download

//N.P.P.D. Rush// - The Milk of Ultraviolet (Steam)

100% Orange Juice (Steam)

4 Elements (Steam)

7th Legion (Seam)

8th Wonder of the World (Steam)

A Game of Dwarves (Steam)

A Story About My Uncle (Steam)

A.D. 2044 (GOG)

Aarklash: Legacy (Steam)

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon - Enhanced Edition (Steam)

ADR1FT (Steam)

Adventure Park (Steam)

Age of Empires II HD (Steam)

Age of Empires II HD: The Conquerors (Steam)

Airline Tycoon 2 (Steam)

Alan Wake (Steam)

Alan Wake's American Nightmare (Steam)

Alan Wake: The Signal (Steam)

Alan Wake: The Writer (Steam)

Albino Lullaby: Episode 1 (Steam)

Alien Breed 2: Assault (Steam)

Alien Breed 3: Descent (Steam)

Alien Breed: Impact (Steam)

Alien Hallway (Steam)

Alien Rage: Unlimited (Steam)

Alien Shooter (Steam)

Alien Shooter 2: Conscription (Steam)

Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded (Steam)

Alien Zombie Megadeath (Steam)

All Zombies Must Die!: Scorepocalypse (Steam)

Alone in the Dark (Steam)

Alpha Protocol (Steam)

Alpha Runner (Steam)

Always Sometimes Monsters (Steam)

American Conquest (Steam)

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs (GOG)

Anachronox (Steam)

Anno 1503 A.D. (GOG)

Anno 1503: Treasures, Monsters & Pirates

Anno 1602 A.D. (GOG)

Antichamber (Steam)

Aquanox (Steam)

AquaNox 2: Revelation (Steam)

Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura (Steam)

Armada 2526 (Gold Edition, Steam)

Armada 2526: Supernova

Arsenal of Democracy: A Hearts of Iron Game (Steam)

Ascension to the Throne (Steam)

Astro Tripper (Steam)

Aura: Fate of the Ages (Steam)

Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan (Steam)

Bang Bang Racing (Steam)

Battleplan: American Civil War (Steam)

Battlestations: Midway (Steam)

Belladonna (Steam)

Bet on Soldier (Steam)

Betrayer (Steam)

Binary Domain (Steam)

Bionic Commando (Steam)

Bionic Commando: Rearmed (Steam)

BioShock (Steam)

BioShock 2 (Steam)

BioShock 2 Remastered (Steam)

BioShock 2: Kill 'em Kindly (Steam)

BioShock 2: Rapture Metro Pack (Steam)

BioShock 2: Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack (Steam)

BioShock 2: The Protector Trials (Steam)

BioShock 2: The Protector Trials Remastered (Steam)

BioShock Remastered (Steam)

BioShock: Challenge Rooms Remastered (Steam)

Black Mirror (Steam)

Black Mirror II (Steam)

Black Mirror III (Steam)

Black Sails: The Ghost Ship (Steam)

Blackbay Asylum (Steam)

Blades of Time (Steam)

BlazeRush (Steam)

Blood: One Unit Whole Blood (Steam)

Blood: Plasma Pak

Blue Toad Murder Files: The Mysteries of Little Riddle (Steam)

Blues and Bullets: Episode 1

Blues and Bullets: Episode 2

Boid (Early Access) (Steam)

Bookworm Adventures: Volume 2 (Steam)

Borderlands (Game of the Year Edition) (Steam)

Borderlands 2: Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack Two - Digistruct Peak Challenge (Steam)

Borderlands: Claptrap's Robot Revolution (Steam)

Borderlands: Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot (Steam)

Borderlands: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx (Steam)

Borderlands: The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned (Steam)

Bound by Flame (Steam)

Brink of Consciousness: Dorian Gray Syndrome (Collector's Edition) (Steam)

Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars - The Director's Cut (Steam)

Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon (Steam)

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (Steam)

Brütal Legend (Steam)

Burgers (Steam)

Burn Zombie Burn! (Steam)

Caesar III (Steam)

Caesar IV (Steam)

Call of Juarez (Steam)

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger (Steam)

Cannon Fodder 3 (Steam)

Capsized (Steam)

Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle (Steam)

Carmageddon II: Carpocalypse Now (Steam)

Carmageddon: TDR 2000 (GOG)

Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter Reborn (Steam)

Castlestorm (Steam)

Chariot (Steam)

Chrome (Steam)

Chrome: Specforce (Steam)

Cities XL Platinum (Steam)

Classic Stronghold (GOG)

Clive Barker's Undying (GOG)

Clones (Steam)

Combat Wings: Battle of Britain (Steam)

Commandos 2: Men of Courage (Steam)

Commandos 3: Destination Berlin (Steam)

Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines (Steam)

Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty (Steam)

Company of Heroes (Steam)

Company of Heroes 2 (Steam)

Consortium: Master Edition (Steam)

Contagion (Steam)

Containment: The Zombie Puzzler (Steam)

Contrast (Steam)

Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars (Steam)

Cossacks: European Wars (Steam)

Counter-Strike: Source (Beta)

Counter-Strike: Source (Steam)

Crazy Taxi (Steam)

Critical Mass (Steam)

CrossCode (Steam, Early Access)

Crow (Steam)

Cryptic Passage for Blood

Crystals of Time (Steam)

CT: Special Forces - Fire for Effect (Steam)

Cthulhu Saves the World (Steam)

D/Generation HD (Steam)

Daikatana (Steam)

Dangerous Golf (Steam)

Dark (Steam)

Dark Fall 2: Lights Out (Steam)

Dark Fall: The Journal (Steam)

Dark Matter (Steam)

Dark Raid (Steam)

Dark Souls: Artorias of the Abyss (Steam)

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition (Steam)

Darkness Within 2: The Dark Lineage - Director's Cut (Steam)

Darkness Within: In Pursuit of Loath Nolder (Steam)

Darkout (Steam)

Darksiders (Steam)

Darksiders II (Steam)

DarkStone (Steam)

Data Hacker: Initiation (Steam)

Dead Island (Steam)

Dead Pixels (Steam)

Dead State (Steam)

Deadcore (Steam)

Deadfall Adventures (Steam)

Deadlight (Steam)

Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut (GOG)

Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut (Steam)

Deadly Sin 2 (Steam)

DeathSpank (Steam)

Defy Gravity Extended (Steam)

Dementium II HD (Steam)

Depth Hunter 2: Deep Dive (Steam)

Deus Ex (Game of the Year Edition) (Steam)

Deus Ex: Invisible War (Steam)

Deus Ex: The Fall (Steam)

Dino D-Day (Steam)

DiRT 3 (Steam)

DiRT Showdown (Steam)

Disciples III: Reincarnation (Steam)

Disciples III: Renaissance (Steam Special Edition)

Disciples III: Resurrection (Steam)

Divekick: Addition Edition + (Steam)

Divinity II: Developer's Cut (Steam)

Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance (Steam)

DLC Quest (Steam)

DmC: Devil May Cry (Steam)

DogFighter (Steam)

Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon (Steam)

Draw a Stickman: EPIC (Steam)

DreadOut: Keepers of The Dark (Steam)

Driftmoon (Steam)

Dungeons: The Eye of Draconus (Steam)

Eador: Masters of the Broken World (Steam)

Edna & Harvey: The Breakout (Steam)

Empire: Total War (Steam)

Enclave (Steam)

Endless Space: Emperor Edition (Steam)

Endless Space: Lights of Polaris (Steam)

Enemy Mind (Steam)

Enforcer: Police Crime Action (Steam)

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (Premium Edition) (Steam)

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West - Pigsy's Perfect 10 (Steam)

Epic Battle Fantasy 4 (Steam)

Epigenesis (Steam)

Etherium (Steam)

Etherlords (GOG)

Etherlords (Steam)

Etherlords II (GOG)

Etherlords II (Steam)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 (Steam)

EvilQuest (Steam)

Evoland II (Steam)

Expeditions: Conquistador (GOG)

Expeditions: Conquistador (Steam)

eXperience 112 (Steam)

Fable: The Lost Chapters (Steam)

Face Noir (Steam)

Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes (Steam)

Fallout 2: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game (Steam)

Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game (Steam)

Fate (Steam)

Fate: The Cursed King (Steam)

Fate: The Traitor Soul (Steam)

Fearless Fantasy (Steam)

Feeding Frenzy 2 Deluxe (Steam)

FEZ (Steam)

Fist Puncher (Steam)

Five Nights at Freddy's (Steam)

Flying Tigers: Shadows over China (Steam, Early Access)

Front Mission: Evolved (Steam)

Frozen Synapse: Prime (Steam)

Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within (Steam)

Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned (Steam)

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers (Steam)

Galactic Arms Race (Steam)

Galactic Civilizations (Ultimate Edition, Steam)

Galactic Civilizations II (Ultimate Edition) (Steam)

Galactic Civilizations II: Dark Avatar (Steam)

Galactic Civilizations II: Twilight of the Arnor (Steam)

Galactic Civilizations: The Altarian Prophecy (Steam)

Galactic Inheritors (Steam)

Game of Thrones: The Role Playing Game (Steam)

Garry's Mod (Steam)

Garshasp: The Monster Slayer (Steam)

Gas Guzzlers Extreme (Steam)

Gas Guzzlers Extreme: Full Metal Zombie (Steam)

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams (Steam)

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Rise of the Owlverlord (Steam)

Glacier 3: The Meltdown (Steam)

Gorky 17 (GOG)

Gorky 17 (Steam)

Gothic (Steam)

Gothic 3 (Steam)

Gothic II: Die Nacht des Raben (Steam)

Gothic II: Gold Edition (Steam)

Governor of Poker 2 (Premium Edition) (Steam)

Grand Ages: Rome (Steam)

Gray Matter (Steam)

Grey Goo (Definitive Edition) (Steam)

Grey Goo: Descent of the Shroud

GRID 2 (Steam)

GRID: Autosport (Steam)

Grow Home (Steam)

GT Legends (Steam)

GTR 2: FIA GT Racing Game (Steam)

GTR Evolution (Steam)

GTR: FIA GT Racing Game (Steam)

Gun Metal (Steam)

Gunnheim (Steam)

Gunship! (Steam)

Gyromancer (Steam)

Haegemonia: Legions of Iron (Steam)

Haegemonia: The Solon Heritage (Steam)

Half-Life (Steam)

Half-Life: Blue Shift (Steam)

Half-Life: Opposing Force (Steam)

Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy (Steam)

Hard Reset (Extended Edition) (Steam)

Haunted (Steam)

Heavy Fire: Afghanistan (Steam)

Heli Heroes (Steam)

Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit (Steam)

Helldorado (Steam)

Hero of the Kingdom II (Steam)

Heroes of Annihilated Empires (Steam)

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin (Steam)

Hitman: Absolution (Steam)

Hitman: Blood Money (Steam)

Hitman: Codename 47 (Steam)

Hitman: Contracts (Steam)

Holy Avatar vs. Maidens of the Dead (Steam)

Homefront (Steam)

Horizon (Steam)

How to Survive (Steam)

How to Survive 2 (Steam)

Human: Fall Flat (Steam)

Humanity Asset (Steam)

Huntsman: The Orphanage (Steam)

Hyper Fighters (Steam)

I Shall Remain (Steam)

I, Zombie (Steam)

Ignite (Steam)

Immune (Early Access) (Steam)

Imperium Romanum: Conquest of Britannia (Steam)

Imperium Romanum: Gold Edition (Steam)

Imperium Romanum: Wilds of Germania (Steam)

Incoming Forces (Steam)

Industry Giant 2 (Steam)

Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars (Early Access, Steam)

inMomentum (Steam)

Inquisitor (Steam)

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (Steam)

Insecticide: Part 1 (Steam)

Into the Dark: Ultimate Trash Edition (Steam)

Intrusion 2 (Steam)

Ion Assault (Steam)

Ionball 2: Ionstorm (Steam)

Iron Grip: Warlord (Steam)

Jack Keane 2: The Fire Within (Steam)

Jet Car Stunts (Steam)

Joe Dever's Lone Wolf: HD Remastered (Steam)

Just Cause (Steam)

Just Cause 2 (Steam)

Kholat (Steam)

KickBeat: Steam Edition (Steam)

Killer is Dead: Nightmare Edition (Steam)

Killing Floor (Steam)

King Arthur II: The Role-Playing Wargame (Steam)

King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne (Steam)

King's Quest III: To Heir is Human (Steam)

King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella (Steam)

King's Quest V: Absence Makes The Heart Go Yonder (Steam)

King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow (Steam)

King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride (Steam)

King's Quest: Chapter 1 - A Knight to Remember

King's Quest: Chapter 2 - Rubble Without a Cause

King's Quest: Episode 3 - Once Upon a Climb

King's Quest: Quest for the Crown (Steam)

Kingpin: Life of Crime (Steam)

Knights and Merchants: The Shattered Kingdom (Steam)

Knights of Pen and Paper: +1 Edition (Steam)

Kraven Manor (Steam)

Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior's Rise (Steam)

Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior's Rise - Master Level (Steam)

La-Mulana (GOG)

La-Mulana (Steam)

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris (Steam)

Larva Mortus (Steam)

Last Half of Darkness: Society of the Serpent Moon (Steam)

Layers of Fear (Steam)

Left 4 Dead 2: The Passing (Steam)

Left 4 Dead 2: The Sacrifice (Steam)

Legendary (Steam)

Legends of Eisenwald (Steam)

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Steam)

Leviathan: The Last Day of the Decade (Steam)

Lexica (Steam)

Lichdom: Battlemage (Steam)

Life is Strange: Episode 1 - Chrysalis (Steam)

Lost Chronicles of Zerzura (Steam)

Lost Civilization (Steam)

Lost Planet 3 (Steam)

Lucid (Steam)

Lucius (Steam)

Lucius II: The Prophecy (Steam)

Mafia II (Steam)

Magicka (Steam)

Making History: The Great War (Steam)

Mars: War Logs (Steam)

Medieval II: Total War (Steam)

Meridian: New World (Steam)

Metal Dead (Steam)

Metal Slug 3 (Steam)

Metro 2033 (Steam)

Mind: Path to Thalamus (Steam)

Mini Ninjas (Steam)

Missing: An Interactive Thriller - Episode One (Steam)

Monday Night Combat (Steam)

Monstrum (Steam)

Montas (Early Access) (Steam)

Moorhuhn: Tiger & Chicken (Steam)

Moto Racer

Moto Racer 15th Anniversary

Moto Racer 2

Moto Racer 3: Gold Edition

Mount & Blade (Steam)

Mutant Mudds (Steam)

Mutant Storm Reloaded (Steam)

MX vs. ATV Reflex (Steam)

Natural Selection 2 (Steam)

Necronomicon: The Dawning of Darkness (Steam)

NecroVisioN (Steam)

NecroVisioN: Lost Company (Steam)

Neon Chrome (Steam)

Next Car Game. Wreckfest (Early Access) (Steam)

Nexuiz (Steam)

NiGHTS into Dreams (Steam)

Normality (Steam)

Northland (Steam)

Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi (Steam)

Nosgoth (Early Access) (Steam)

Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas (Steam)

Odallus: The Dark Call (Steam)

Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee (GOG)

Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee (Steam)

Of Orcs and Men (Steam)

One Finger Death Punch (Steam)

Onikira: Demon Killer (Steam, Early Access)

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising (Steam)

Operation Flashpoint: Red River (Steam)

Orcs Must Die! (Steam)

Orcs Must Die! 2 (Steam)

Outlast (GOG)

Outlast: Whistleblower (Steam)

Overcast: Walden and the Werewolf (Steam)

Overlord (Steam)

Overlord II (Steam)

Overlord: Raising Hell (Steam)

Pac-Man: Championship Edition DX+ (Steam)

Painkiller: Battle out of Hell (Steam)

Painkiller: Black Edition (Steam)

Painkiller: Overdose (Steam)

Painkiller: Recurring Evil (Steam)

Painkiller: Redemption (Steam)

Painkiller: Resurrection (Steam)

Party Hard (Steam)

Party of Sin (Steam)

Patrician III: Rise of the Hanse (Steam)

Patrician IV (Steam Special Edition)

Peggle Deluxe (Steam)

Peggle Nights (Steam)

Penguins Arena: Sedna's World (Steam)

Phantasmagoria (Steam)

Phantasmagoria 2: A Puzzle of Flesh (Steam)

Pinball FX2 (Steam)

Pixel Puzzles: Undeadz (Steam)

Pixel Star (Steam)

PixelJunk Eden (Steam)

PixelJunk Nom Nom Galaxy (Steam)

Plain Sight (Steam)

Planescape: Torment (GOG)

Plants vs. Zombies: Game of the Year Editon (Steam)

Pneuma: Breath of Life (Steam)

Police Quest 1: In Pursuit of the Death Angel (EGA Version)

Police Quest 1: In Pursuit of the Death Angel (VGA Version)

Police Quest 2: The Vengeance

Police Quest 3: The Kindred

Police Quest 4: Open Season

Pool Nation (Steam)

Postal (Steam)

Postal 2: Paradise Lost (Steam)

Postal: Special Delivery (Steam)

Postmortem: One Must Die (Extended Cut) (Steam)

Pressure (Steam)

Primal Carnage (Steam)

Project Temporality (Steam)

Prototype 2 (Steam)

Puzzle Bots (Steam)

Puzzle Kingdoms (Steam)

Q.U.B.E.: Against the Qlock

Q.U.B.E.: Director's Cut (Steam)

QP Shooting: Dangerous!! (Steam)

Quest for Glory I: So You Want To Be a Hero (EGA Version)

Quest for Glory I: So You Want To Be a Hero (VGA)

Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire

Quest for Glory III: Wages of War

Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness

Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire

Quest for Infamy (Steam)

Race 07: Official WTCC Game (Steam)

Race Driver GRID (Steam)

Race On (Steam)

Race: The Official WTCC Game (Steam)

Race: The Official WTCC Game - Caterham Expansion (Steam)

Randal's Monday (Steam)

Real Boxing (Steam)

Red Faction: Armageddon (Steam)

Remember Me (Steam)

Renegade Ops (Steam)

Requiem: Avenging Angel (GOG)

Rescue: Everyday Heroes - U.S. Edition (Steam)

Resident Evil 4 / Biohazard 4 (Steam)

Resident Evil: Revelations / Biohazard: Revelations - Unveiled Edition (Steam)

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 / Biohazard: Revelations 2 - Episode 1: Penal Colony (Steam)

Residue: Final Cut (Steam)

Retro City Rampage (Steam)

Retro/Grade (Steam)

Return to Mysterious Island (Steam)

Return to Mysterious Island 2 (Steam)

Reus (GOG)

Reus (Steam)

rFactor (Steam)

Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches (Steam)

Ridge Racer Unbounded (Steam)

Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages (Steam)

Riptide GP2 (Steam)

Rise of the Argonauts (Steam)

Rise of the Triad (Steam)

Risen (Steam)

Risen 2: Dark Waters (Steam)

Risen 3: Titan Lords (Steam)

Rock of Ages (Steam)

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2: Time Twister (Steam)

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2: Triple Thrill Pack (Steam)

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2: Wacky Worlds (Steam)

RollerCoaster Tycoon Deluxe (Steam)

RollerCoaster Tycoon: Added Attractions Pack

RollerCoaster Tycoon: Loopy Landscapes

Rome: Total War - Gold (Steam)

Roogoo (Steam)

Runaway: A Road Adventure (Steam)

Runaway: A Twist of Fate (Steam)

Runaway: The Dream of the Turtle (Steam)

Rune Classic (Steam)

Rune: Halls of Valhalla (Steam)

Rush Bros. (Steam)

Rush for Berlin Gold (Steam)

Rush for Glory (Steam)

Rush for the Bomb

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat (Steam)

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky (Steam)

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl (Steam)

Sacraboar (Steam)

Sacred 2: Gold Edition (Steam)

Sacred 2: Ice & Blood (Steam)

Sacred 3 (Steam)

Sacred 3: Orcland Story (Steam)

Sacred Citadel (Steam)

Sacred Gold (Steam)

Sacred: Underworld (Steam)

Safecracker: The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure (Steam)

Saints Row 2 (Steam)

Saints Row: The Third (Steam)

Saints Row: The Third (The Full Package) (GOG)

Saints Row: The Third - Gangstas in Space

Saints Row: The Third - Genki Bowl VII

Saints Row: The Third - The Trouble with Clones

Samorost 2 (Steam)

Sanctum (Steam)

Sanctum 2 (Steam)

Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves (Steam)

Sanitarium (Steam)

Scratches: Director's Cut (Steam)

Sega Bass Fishing (Steam)

Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator (Steam)

Serious Sam 2 (Steam)

Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter (Steam)

Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter (Steam)

Serious Sam: Double D XXL (Steam)

Shadow Complex Remastered (Steam)

Shadow Man (Steam)

Shadow Ops: Red Mercury (Steam)

Shadow Warrior (Steam)

Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown (Steam)

Shadows: Price for Our Sins - Bonus Edition (Steam)

Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Director's Cut (Steam)

Shiftlings (Steam)

Shogo: Mobile Armor Division (GOG)

Sid Meier's Ace Patrol (Steam)

Sid Meier's Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies (Steam)

Sid Meier's Civilization III: Complete (Steam)

Sid Meier's Civilization III: Conquests

Sid Meier's Civilization III: Play the World

Sid Meier's Railroads! (Steam)

Signs of Life (Early Access) (Steam)

Silence of the Sleep (Steam)

Sim City 4 (Deluxe Edition) (Steam)

Sim City 4: Rush Hour

Sinking Island (Steam)

Sins of a Solar Empire: Diplomacy (Steam)

Sins of a Solar Empire: Entrenchment (Steam)

Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity (Steam)

Skyborn (Steam)

Skydrift (Steam)

Slave Zero (Steam)

Slender: The Arrival (Steam)

Small Town Terrors: Pilgrim's Hook (Steam)

Smugglers 5: Invasion (Steam)

Smugglers V (Steam)

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 (Steam)

Solarix (Steam)

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing: Transformed (Steam)

Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut (Steam)

Sonic Generations (Steam)

Soulbringer (Steam)

Soundodger+ (Steam)

Space Channel 5: Part 2 (Steam)

Space Colony: Steam Edition

Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter

Space Quest II: Vohaul's Revenge

Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon

Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers

Space Quest V: Roger Wilco The Next Mutation

Space Quest VI: Roger Wilco in the Spinal Frontier

Spec Ops: The Line (Steam)

Speed Kills (Steam)

SpeedRunners (Steam)

SpellForce 2: Demons of the Past (Steam)

Spelunky (Steam)

Spintires (Steam)

Splatter: Blood Red Edition (Steam)

Squarelands (Steam)

Stacking (GOG)

Stacking (Steam)

Star Ruler (Steam)

Star Trek (Steam)

Star Wars: Battlefront II (Steam)

Star Wars: Dark Forces (Steam)

Star Wars: Empire at War (Gold Pack) (Steam)

Star Wars: Empire at War - Forces of Corruption (Steam)

Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Dark Forces II (Steam)

Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy (Steam)

Star Wars: Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast (Steam)

Star Wars: Republic Commando (Steam)

Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (GOG)

Star Wars: Starfighter (Steam)

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Ultimate Sith Edition) (Steam)

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Hoth Mission Pack (Steam)

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Jedi Temple Mission Pack (Steam)

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Tatooine Mission Pack (Steam)

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II (Steam)

Star Wars: TIE Fighter (Special Edition) (Steam)

Star Wars: TIE Fighter - Enemies of the Empire

Star Wars: X-Wing (Special Edition) (Steam)

Star Wars: X-Wing - B-Wing

Star Wars: X-Wing - Imperial Pursuit

Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance (Steam)

Star Wars: X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter (Steam)

Star Wars: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter - Balance of Power

StarDrive (Steam)

State of Decay (Steam)

STCC: The Game (Steam)

STCC: The Game 2 (Steam)

Stealth Bastard Deluxe (Steam)

Stealth Inc. 2: A Game of Clones (Steam)

Steel & Steam: Episode 1 (Steam)

Still Life (GOG)

Still Life (Steam)

Still Life 2 (Steam)

Storm: Frontline Nation (Steam)

Street Racing Syndicate (Steam)

Strider (Steam)

Stronghold HD (GOG)

Stronghold Legends: Steam Edition

Stronghold: Crusader

Stronghold: Crusader - Extreme

Stronghold: Crusader HD (Steam)

Stronghold: Crusader II (Steam)

Sudeki (Steam)

Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory (Steam)

Summoner (Steam)

Super Cyborg (Steam)

Super House of Dead Ninjas (Steam)

Super Killer Hornet: Resurrection (Steam)

Super Lemonade Factory (Steam)

Supreme Commander (Steam)

Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance (Steam)

Supreme Ruler 1936 (Steam)

Surgeon Simulator 2013 (Steam)

Survivalist (Steam)

Sword of the Stars: The Pit (Steam)

Syberia (GOG)

System Shock: Enhanced Edition (Steam)

Tank Operations: European Campaign (Steam)

Teleglitch: Die More Edition (Steam)

Telltale Games Poker Night 2 (Steam)

Terraria (Steam)

Tex Murphy: Overseer (Steam)

The 7th Guest (Steam)

The Adventures of Shuggy (Steam)

The Battle of Sol (Steam, Early Access)

The Book of Legends (Steam)

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified (Steam)

The Cat Lady (Steam)

The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav (Steam)

The Dark Eye: Drakensang - The River of Time (Steam)

The Darkness II (Steam)

The Deadly Tower of Monsters

The Defenders: The Second Wave (Steam)

The Desolate Hope (Steam)

The Detail: A Modern Crime Adventure - Episode 1: Where the Dead Lie (Steam)

The First Templar: Steam Special Edition (Steam)

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing (Steam)

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II (Steam)

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III

The King of Fighters XIII: Steam Edition

The Last Express (Gold Edition, Steam)

The Last Remnant (Steam)

The Last Tinker: City of Colors (Steam)

The Lost Crown: A Ghost Hunting Adventure (Steam)

The Mean Greens: Plastic Warfare (Steam)

The Moon Sliver (Steam)

The Music Machine (Steam)

The Park (Steam)

The Path (Steam)

The Precursors (Steam)

The Red Solstice (Steam)

The Samaritan Paradox (Steam)

The Scourge Project: Episodes 1 and 2 (Steam)

The Ship: Remastered (Steam)

The Troma Project (Steam)

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (Steam)

The Void (GOG)

The Void (Steam)

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 - Faith

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 - Smoke & Mirrors

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 - A Crooked Mile

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 4 - In Sheep's Clothing

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5 - Cry Wolf

theHunter: Primal (Steam)

Them: The Summoning (Steam)

They Bleed Pixels (Steam)

Thief Gold (Steam)

Thunder Wolves (Steam)

TimeShift (Steam)

Titan Quest (Steam)

Titan Quest: Immortal Throne (Steam)

Tomb Raider (Game of the Year Edition, Steam)

Tomb Raider I (Steam)

Tomb Raider II: Starring Lara Croft (Steam)

Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft (Steam)

Tomb Raider: Anniversary (Steam)

Tomb Raider: Legend (Steam)

Tomb Raider: Underworld (Steam)

Toren (Steam)

TransOcean: The Shipping Company (Steam)

Tropico (Steam)

Tropico 2: Pirate Cove (Steam)

Tropico 3: Absolute Power

Tropico 3: Absolute Power (Steam)

Tropico 3: Gold Edition (GOG)

Tropico 3: Steam Special Edition (Steam)

Tropico: Paradise Island (Steam)

Turmoil (Steam, early Access)

TY the Tasmanian Tiger 4 (Steam)

UFO: Aftermath (Steam)

UFO: Aftershock (Steam)

UFO: Extraterrestrials - Gold Edition (Steam)

UnderRail (Steam)

Universe Sandbox (Steam)

Unreal Gold (GOG)

Unreal II: The Awakening SE (GOG)

Unreal Mission Pack I: Return to Na Pali

Urban Trial Freestyle (Steam)

Valdis Story: Abyssal City (Steam)

Vector (Steam)

Vector Thrust (Steam)

Velvet Assassin (Steam)

Viking: Battle for Asgard (Steam)

Viktor Kalvachev's Blue Estate: The Game (Steam)

Viscera Cleanup Detail (Steam)

Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa's Rampage (Steam)

Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior (Steam)

Vitrum (Steam)

Void Destroyer (Steam)

Völgarr the Viking (Steam)

Wargame: European Escalation (Steam)

Warring States Tactics (Early Access) (Steam)

Waves (Steam)

Windforge (Steam)

Wizardry 8 (Steam)

Worms (Steam)

Worms Armageddon (Steam)

Worms Blast (Steam)

Worms Pinball (Steam)

Worms Reloaded (Steam)

Worms: Revolution (Steam)

Worms: Ultimate Mayhem (Steam)

Wrack (Steam)

X-Blades (Steam)

X-COM: Apocalypse (Steam)

X-COM: Enforcer (Steam)

X-COM: Interceptor (Steam)

X-COM: Terror from the Deep (Steam)

X-COM: UFO Defense (Steam)

Xpand Rally Xtreme (Steam)

X³: Terran Conflict (Steam)

Yesterday (Steam)

Z (Steam)

Z.A.R. (Steam)

Zeno Clash (Steam)

Zeno Clash II (Steam)

Zombie Driver HD (Steam)

Zombie Solitaire (Steam)

Zombie Tycoon II: Brainhov's Revenge (Steam)

Zoo Park (Steam)

Zooloretto (Steam)

Zuma's Revenge! (Steam)


Area 51


FlatOut 2


Project: Snowblind

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl (Collector's Radiation Edition)

Serious Sam II

Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel without a Pulse

 PC/Macintosh - Download

12 is Better Than 6 (Steam)

140 (Steam)

3089: Futuristic Action RPG (Steam)

7 Grand Steps (Steam)

80 Days (Steam)

8BitBoy (Steam)

99 Levels to Hell (Steam)

A Golden Wake (Steam)

A New Beginning: Final Cut (Steam)

A Wizard's Lizard (Steam)

AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome (Steam)

Aaru's Awakening (Steam)

Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden (Steam)

Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders (Steam)

Akalabeth: World of Doom (GOG)

Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space (Steam)

Albert and Otto: The Adventure Begins (Steam)

Alien Carnage/ Halloween Harry

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs (Steam)

Amnesia: The Dark Descent (GOG)

Amnesia: The Dark Descent (Steam)

Among the Sleep (Steam)

Anna's Quest (Steam)

Anodyne (Steam)

Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition (Steam)

Arctic Adventure

Auditorium (Steam)

Awesomenauts (Steam)

Back to Bed (Steam)

Back to the Future: Episode 1 - It's about Time (Steam)

Back to the Future: Episode 2 - Get Tannen! (Steam)

Back to the Future: Episode 3 - Citizen Brown (Steam)

Back to the Future: Episode 4 - Double Visions (Steam)

Back to the Future: Episode 5 - Outatime (Steam)

Ballpoint Universe: Infinite (Steam)

Balls of Steel

Bardbarian (Steam)

Bastion (Steam)

Battle Group 2 (Steam)

Battle vs. Chess (Steam)

Beat Hazard (Steam)

Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians (Steam)

Bejeweled 3 (Steam)

Beneath a Steel Sky (GOG)

Beware Planet Earth (Steam)

Bio Menace

Bio Menace (GOG)

Bionic Dues (Steam)

BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien (Steam)

Blackguards (Steam)

Blackguards 2 (Steam)

Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold

Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold

Blake Stone: Planet Strike!

Blake Stone: Planet Strike!

BloodNet: The Cyberpunk Vampire Game (Steam)

BookWorm Deluxe (Steam)

Borderlands 2 (Steam)

Borderlands 2: Psycho Pack (Steam)

Borderlands 2: Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack (Steam)

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! (Steam)

Boson X (Steam)

Botanicula (Steam)

Braid (Steam)

Breach & Clear (Steam)

Bridge Constructor (Steam)

Bridge Constructor: Medieval (Steam)

Bridge Constructor: Stunts (Steam)

Broken Age: Part One (Steam)

Broken Age: Part Two (Steam)

Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse - Episode 1

Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse - Episode 2

Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror - Remastered (Steam)

Cargo Commander (Steam)

Cave Story+ (Steam)

Chaos on Deponia (Steam)

Cities in Motion 2 (Steam)

Civilization V (Steam)

Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink (Steam)

Coffin Dodgers (Steam)

Cognition: Episode 1 - The Hangman (Steam)

Cognition: Episode 2 - The Wise Monkey (Steam)

Cognition: Episode 3 - The Oracle (Steam)

Cognition: Episode 4 - The Cain Killer (Steam)

Coin Crypt (Steam)

Commando Jack (Steam)

Constructor (GOG)

Contradiction (Steam)

Convoy (Steam)

Cook, Serve, Delicious! (Steam)

Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure

Costume Quest 2 (Steam)

Crimsonland (Steam)

Cross of the Dutchman (Steam)

Crusader Kings II (Steam)

Crystal Caves

Cubetractor (Steam)

Dark Ages

Day of the Tentacle Remastered (Steam)

Dead Age (Steam)

Dead Effect (Steam)

Dead Effect 2 (Steam)

Deadly 30 (Steam)

Dear Esther (Steam)

Death Rally

Decay: The Mare - Episode 1

Decay: The Mare - Episode 2

Decay: The Mare - Episode 3

Deep Dungeons of Doom (Steam)

Deep Under the Sky (Steam)

Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten (DX Edition, Steam)

Democracy 3 (GOG)

Democracy 3 (Steam)

Deponia (GOG)

Deponia (Steam)

Dex (GOG)

Don't Starve (Steam)

Door Kickers (Steam)

Doorways: Chapter 1 (Steam)

Doorways: Chapter 2 (Steam)

Double Dragon

Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone

Double Dragon II: The Revenge

Dracula 2: The Last Sanctuary (Steam)

Dracula 4: The Shadow of the Dragon (GOG)

Dracula 4: The Shadow of the Dragon (Steam)

Dracula 5: The Blood Legacy (GOG)

Dracula 5: The Blood Legacy (Steam)

Dracula: The Resurrection (Steam)

DreadOut (Steam)

Drive to Hell (Steam)

Droid Assault (Steam)

Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach (Steam)

Duke it out in D.C. (Steam)

Duke Nukem

Duke Nukem (Steam)

Duke Nukem 3D

Duke Nukem 3D (Classic) (Steam)

Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition (Steam)

Duke Nukem II

Duke Nukem II (Steam)

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project (Steam)

Duke: Nuclear Winter (Steam)

Dungeon of Elements (Steam)

Dungeons & Dragons: Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition (Steam)

Dungeons & Dragons: Baldur's Gate - The Black Pits

Dungeons of Dredmor (Steam)

Dust: An Elysian Tail (Steam)

Dustforce DX (Steam)

Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes (Steam)

Eidolon (Steam)

Eldritch (Steam)

Element4l (Steam)

Endless Legend (Steam)

English Country Tune (Steam)

Enigmatis: The Mists of Ravenwood (Steam)

Epistory: Typing Chronicles (Steam)

Eradicator (Steam)

Escape Rosecliff Island (Steam)

Eschalon: Book I (GOG)

Evoland: A Short Story of Adventure Video Games Evolution (GOG)

Evoland: A Short Story of Adventure Video Games Evolution (Steam)

Extreme Rise of the Triad

Fancy Skulls (Early Access) (Steam)

Fieldrunners (Steam)

Fieldrunners 2 (Steam)

Forced (Steam)

Foreign Legion: Multi Massacre (Steam)

Fortix (Steam)

Fortix 2 (Steam)

Freedom Fall (Steam)

Freedom Planet (Steam)

Frozen Synapse (GOG)

Frozen Synapse (Steam)

FTL: Advanced Edition (Steam)

Galcon Fusion (Steam)

Galcon Legends (Steam)

Game Corp DX (Steam)

Gateways (Steam)

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions - Evolved (Steam)

Glorkian Warrior: The Trials Of Glork (Steam)

Gods Will Be Watching (Steam)

GODUS (Steam, Early Access)

Gomo (Steam)

Gone Home (Steam)

Goodbye Deponia (Steam)

Gravity Badgers (Steam)

Grim Fandango Remastered (Steam)

Guacamelee! (Gold Edition) (Steam)

Gun Monkeys (Steam)

Gunpoint (Steam)

Guns'n'Zombies (Steam)

Hack, Slash, Loot (Steam)

Hammerwatch (Steam)

Hands on Deck (Steam)

Harvester (Steam)

Hektor (Steam)

Her Story (Steam)

Hero of Many (Steam)

Heroes & Legends: Conquerors of Kolhar (Steam)

Hoard (Steam)

Hocus Pocus

Home (Steam)

Hospital Manager (Steam)

Hotel: Collectors Edition (Steam)

Hotline Miami (Steam)

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (Steam)

House of 1000 Doors: Family Secrets (Steam)

I am Bread (Steam)

I Am Vegend: Zombiegeddon (Steam)

I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream (Steam)

iBomber Attack (Steam)

Incredipede (Steam)

Insurgency (Steam)

Intake (Steam)

Iron Storm (Steam)

Ironclad Tactics (Steam)

Ittle Dew (Steam)

Jack Lumber (Steam)

Jazzpunk: Director's Cut (Steam)

Joe Danger 2: The Movie (Steam)

Jotun: Valhalla Edition (GOG)

Jotun: Valhalla Edition (Steam)

Jurassic Park: The Game (Steam)

Kairo (Steam)

Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World (Steam)

Kill The Bad Guy (Steam)

Kingdom Rush (Steam)

Knee Deep: Act 1 - Wonderland

Knock-Knock! (GOG)

Knock-Knock! (Steam)

Knytt Underground (Steam)

Last Inua (Steam)

Last Knight: Rogue Rider Edition (Steam, Early Access)

Left 4 Dead 2 (Steam)

Left 4 Dead 2: Cold Stream (Steam)

Legend of Grimrock (Steam)

LightFish (Steam)

Lilly Looking Through (Steam)

Limbo (GOG)

Limbo (Steam)

Litil Divil (Steam)

Little Inferno (Steam)

Little Racers Street (Steam)

Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut (Steam)

Loren The Amazon Princess (Steam)

Lovely Planet (Steam)

LuftrauserS (Steam)

Lume (Steam)

Lumini (Steam)

Machinarium (Steam)

Magical Diary (Steam)

Major Stryker

Maniac Mansion

Master Reboot (Steam)

Math Rescue


Megabyte Punch (Steam)

MegaRace (GOG)

MegaRace 2 (GOG)

Memoria (Steam)

Mercenary Kings (Steam)

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor (Game of the Year Edition) (Steam)

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor - Lord of the Hunt

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor - The Bright Lord

Miner Wars Arena (Special Edition, Steam)

Moebius: Empire Rising (Steam)

Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine (Steam)

Monochroma (Steam)

Monster Bash

Montague's Mount (Steam)

Monument Builders: Alcatraz (Steam)

Monuments of Mars

Morningstar: Descent to Daedrock (Steam)

Muffin Knight (Steam)

Mushroom 11 (Steam)

Mystic Towers

NEO Scavenger (Steam)

Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) (Steam)

Nicolas Eymerich - The Inquisitor - Book 1 : The Plague (Steam)

Nicolas Eymerich, Inquisitor: The Plague - Act II: The Village (Steam)

Nicole (Otome Version) (Steam)

No Time to Explain (Steam)

Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy (Steam)

Not the Robots (Steam)

Nuclear Dawn (Steam)

Offspring Fling! (Steam)

Oil Rush (Steam)

OlliOlli (Steam)

On my Own (Early Access) (Steam)

Orbital Gear (Steam)

Oscura: Lost Light (Steam)

Osmos (Steam)

Out of the Park Baseball 17 (Steam)

Outland (Special Edition) (Steam)

Outlast (Steam)

Oxenfree (GOG)

Oxenfree (Steam)


Papers, Please (Steam)

Papo & Yo (Steam)

Paranautical Activity (Early Access) (Steam)

Paranautical Activity (Humble Store)

Pharaoh's Tomb

Pinball Arcade (Steam)

Pirates vs Corsairs: Davy Jones' Gold (Steam)

Pirates! (Steam)

Pix the Cat (Steam)

Pixel Piracy (Steam)

PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate (Steam)

Planetary Annihilation (Steam)

Planetary Annihilation: Titans (Steam)

Planets under Attack (Steam)

Poker Night at the Inventory (Steam)

Post Master (Steam)

Postal 2 (Steam)

Postal 2: Apocalypse Weekend (Steam)

Postal 2: Share the Pain (Steam)

Press X to Not Die (Steam, Early Access)

Prison Architect (Steam)

Proteus (Steam)

Psychonauts (Steam)

Pumped BMX + (Steam)

Puzzle Agent (Steam)

Puzzle Agent 2 (Steam)

Q.U.B.E. (Steam)

QuestRun (Steam)

Race The Sun (Steam)

Raptor: Call of the Shadows

Ravensword: Shadowlands (Steam)

Realms of Chaos

Rebel Galaxy (GOG)

Rebel Galaxy (Steam)

ReignMaker (Steam)

Relativity Wars (Steam)

Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Bender (Steam)

Rise of the Triad

Rise of the Triad

Risk of Rain (Steam)

Rituals (Steam)

Rochard (Steam)

Rooms: The Main Building (Steam)

Roundabout (Steam)

Sakura Spirit (Steam)

Sam & Max Hit the Road (GOG)

Sam & Max: Episode 301 - The Penal Zone

Sam & Max: Episode 302 - The Tomb of Sammun-Mak

Sam & Max: Episode 303 - They Stole Max's Brain!

Sam & Max: Episode 304 - Beyond the Alley of the Dolls

Sam & Max: Episode 305 - The City that Dares Not Sleep

Saturday Morning RPG: Episode 1 - Dream of Destiny (Steam)

Saturday Morning RPG: Episode 2 - Hoodwinked (Steam)

Saturday Morning RPG: Episode 3 - To Bot or Not to Bot (Steam)

Saturday Morning RPG: Episode 4 - Ho Ho Hood (Steam)

Savant: Ascent (Steam)

Scourge: Outbreak (Steam)

Secret Agent

Serious Sam 3: BFE (Steam)

SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell (Steam)

Shadow Blade: Reload (Steam)

Shadow Warrior Classic

Shadow Warrior Classic

Shadow Warrior Classic Complete (GOG)

Shadow Warrior Classic Redux (GOG)

Shadow Warrior Classic Redux (Steam)

Shadow Warrior Complete

Shadow Warrior: Twin Dragon

Shadow Warrior: Twin Dragon

Shadow Warrior: Wanton Destruction

Shadow Warrior: Wanton Destruction

Shadowgate (Steam)

Shadowgrounds (GOG)

Shadowgrounds (Steam)

Shadowgrounds: Survivor (GOG)

Shadowgrounds: Survivor (Steam)

Shadowrun Returns (Steam)

Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut (GOG)

Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut (Steam)

Shank 2 (Steam)

Shelter (Steam)

Sid Meier's Civilization IV (Steam)

Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword (Steam)

Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization (Steam)

Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Warlords (Steam)

Sir, You Are Being Hunted (GOG)

Sir, You Are Being Hunted (Steam)

Skullgirls (Steam)

Skulls of the Shogun (Bone-A-Fide Edition, Steam)

Skyflower (Early Access) (Steam)

Skyward Collapse (Steam)

Son of Nor (Steam)

Space Hulk: Ascension (Steam)

Space Pirates and Zombies (Steam)

Spacecom (Steam)

Spirit of War (Steam)

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Steam)

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords (Steam)


Starseed Pilgrim (Steam)

SteamWorld Dig (Steam)

Steve Jackson's Starship Traveller (Steam)

Strike Suit Zero (Steam)

Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People: Episode 1 - Homestar Ruiner

Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People: Episode 2 - Strong Badia the Free

Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People: Episode 3 - Baddest of the Bands

Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People: Episode 4 - Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective

Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People: Episode 5 - 8-Bit Is Enough

Stronghold 3 Gold (Steam)

Stronghold 3 Gold: Blackstaff DLC (Steam)

Subject 13 (Steam)

Sunless Sea (Steam)

Super Hexagon (Steam)

Super Noah's Ark 3D: 20th Anniversary Edition (Steam)

Super Puzzle Platformer Deluxe (Steam)

Super Splatters (Steam)

Superfrog HD (Steam)

Supreme League of Patriots: Issue 1 - A Patriot is Born (Steam)

Supreme League of Patriots: Issue 2 - Patriot Frames (Steam)

Survivor Squad (Steam)

Sword of the Samurai (Steam)

Syberia (Steam)

Syberia II (GOG)

Syberia II (Steam)

Syder Arcade (Steam)

Symphony (Steam)

System Shock 2 (Steam)

Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack (Steam)

Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 1 - Zer0 Sum

Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 2 - Atlas Mugged

Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 3 - Catch a Ride

Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 4 - Escape Plan Bravo

Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 5 - The Vault of the Traveler

Tengami (Steam)

Terminal Velocity

Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure (Steam)

Tex Murphy: Martian Memorandum (Steam)

Tex Murphy: Mean Streets (Steam)

Tex Murphy: The Pandora Directive (Steam)

Tex Murphy: Under a Killing Moon (Steam)

The 11th Hour (Steam)

The 39 Steps (Steam)

The Adventures of Dog Mendonca and Pizza Boy (Steam)

The Binding of Isaac (Steam)

The Bluecoats: North vs South (Steam)

The Book of Unwritten Tales (Steam)

The Book of Unwritten Tales: The Critter Chronicles (Steam)

The Bridge (Steam)

The Chaos Engine (Steam)

The Dream Machine: Chapter 1 & 2 (Steam)

The Dream Machine: Chapter 3 (Steam)

The Dream Machine: Chapter 4 (Steam)

The Dream Machine: Chapter 5 (Steam)

The Few (Steam)

The Flame in the Flood (Steam)

The Journey Down: Chapter One (Steam)

The Journey Down: Chapter Two (Steam)

The Last Door: Season One - Episode Four: Ancient Shadows

The Last Door: Season One - Episode Four: Ancient Shadows

The Last Door: Season One - Episode Three: The Four Witnesses

The Last Door: Season One - Episode Three: The Four Witnesses

The Last Door: Season One - Episode Two: Memories

The Last Door: Season One - Episode Two: Memories

The Last Door: Season One - Pilot Chapter: The Letter

The Last Door: Season One - Pilot Chapter: The Letter

The Marvellous Miss Take (Steam)

The Masterplan (Steam)

The Novelist (Steam)

The Original Strife: Veteran Edition (Steam)

The Shivah (Steam)

The Silent Age: Episode One

The Silent Age: Episode Two

The Swapper (Steam)

The Walking Dead: 400 Days (Steam)

The Walking Dead: Episode 1 - A New Day (GOG)

The Walking Dead: Episode 1 - A New Day (Steam)

The Walking Dead: Episode 2 - Starved for Help (GOG)

The Walking Dead: Episode 2 - Starved for Help (Steam)

The Walking Dead: Episode 3 - Long Road Ahead (GOG)

The Walking Dead: Episode 3 - Long Road Ahead (Steam)

The Walking Dead: Episode 4 - Around Every Corner (GOG)

The Walking Dead: Episode 4 - Around Every Corner (Steam)

The Walking Dead: Episode 5 - No Time Left (GOG)

The Walking Dead: Episode 5 - No Time Left (Steam)

The Walking Dead: Season Two - Episode 1: All That Remains (Steam)

The Walking Dead: Season Two - Episode 2: A House Divided (Steam)

The Walking Dead: Season Two - Episode 3: In Harm's Way (Steam)

The Walking Dead: Season Two - Episode 4: Amid the Ruins (Steam)

The Walking Dead: Season Two - Episode 5: No Going Back (Steam)

The Whispered World (Special Edition) (Steam)

Thomas Was Alone (Steam)

Tiny and Big in: Grandpa's Leftovers (Steam)

Tiny Troopers (Steam)

To the Moon (Steam)

Toki Tori 2+ (Steam)

Torchlight II (GOG)

Torchlight II (Steam)

Tower of Guns (Steam)

TowerFall: Ascension (Steam)

Towers of Altrac (Steam)

Trine 2 (Steam)

Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power (Steam)

Trine Enchanted Edition (Steam)

Two Worlds II (Steam)

Two Worlds: Curse of Souls (Steam)

Two Worlds: Epic Edition (Steam)

Two Worlds: Tainted Blood (Steam)

Type:Rider (Steam)

Unepic (GOG)

Unepic (Steam)

Unity of Command: Stalingrad Campaign (Steam)

Valhalla Hills (Steam)

Velocibox (Steam)

Vertical Drop Heroes HD (Steam)

Victory at Sea (Steam)

VoidExpanse (Steam)

VVVVVV (Steam)

Wacky Wheels

Warhammer 40.000: Regicide (Steam)

Warmachine: Tactics (Standard Edition)

Wasteland 2: Director's Cut (Steam)

Where is my Heart? (Steam)

White Noise Online (Steam)

Wild Frontera (Steam)

Windosill (Steam)

Wings: Remastered Edition (Steam)

Wizardry 6: Bane of the Cosmic Forge (Steam)

Wizardry 7: Crusaders of the Dark Savant (Steam)

Word Rescue

WORLD END ECONOMiCA episode.01 (Steam)

World of Goo (Steam)

Worms Crazy Golf (Steam)

Xenophage: Alien Bloodsport

Xotic (Steam)

Year Walk (Steam)

Zen Bound 2 (Steam)

 PC/Macintosh - DVD-ROM

Divinity: Original Sin

 SONY PlayStation 4

Bulletstorm: Bloody Symphony

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition (Day One Edition)

Bulletstorm: Gun Sonata

Horizon Zero Dawn

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Special Edition)

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dawnguard

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dragonborn

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Hearthfire

The Last of Us Remastered

The Last of Us Remastered: Left Behind

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

 SONY PlayStation 4 - Download


Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

Amnesia: Justine

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Assassin's Creed: Freedom Cry


Bulletstorm: Duke Nukem's Bulletstorm Tour

Darksiders II: Argul's Tomb

Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition

Darksiders II: The Abyssal Forge

Darksiders II: The Demon Lord Belial

Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition

Dead Nation: Road of Devastation


inFamous: Second Son

Just Cause 3

Killing Floor 2

Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legend - The Video Game

Life is Strange: Episode 1 - Chrysalis

Life is Strange: Episode 2 - Out of Time

Life is Strange: Episode 3 - Chaos Theory

Life is Strange: Episode 4 - Dark Room

Life is Strange: Episode 5 - Polarized

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 1 - Zer0 Sum

Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 2 - Atlas Mugged

Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 3 - Catch a Ride

Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 4 - Escape Plan Bravo

Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 5 - The Vault of the Traveler

Until Dawn (DE, FR, IT, NL, TR)

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood


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Syberia (GOG)
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Samorost 2 (Steam)
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Little Nightmares (Six Edition)
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