Gloria: Kindan no Ketsuzoku

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 グロリア~禁断の血族    (japanisch)
 Gloria    (USA)
  Darstellung:  2D, 1st-Person, Manga/Anime
  Genre:  Abenteuer • Sonstiges
  Thematik:  Erotik
  Herkunftsland:  Japan
  Addon/DLC:  NEIN


 Verfügbare/geplante Systeme:
  Jahr:   System:  Entwickler:
1997 PC - CD-ROM * C's Ware

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 Weitere Informationen:
  A great multi-ending bishoujo game from Himeya Soft, this is Gloria, one of the most complex and rich classic games ever ported to English! In this multi-path "pretty girl" game, Kira Akishino, the head of his class at MIT, and his friend Georg, are offered the job of a life time, tutoring one of five beautiful daughters of a wealthy millionaire. As the game unfolds, it becomes apparent that the girls may not wish to be tutored, and instead may seek to find other things to entertain themselves.

Unusual surprises appear almost everywhere throughout Gloria, some good some not so good. As they find themselves in a new and fantastic world of riches, Kira wonders why she and Georg were chosen for the tutoring job at all. It seems that the millionaire requested Kira and Georg by name, adding more fire to the ongoing mystery. You'll find out the answers and more when you play the delightful story of Gloria. A rich and complex story, with more than forty endings! Gloria was the inspiration ...  [->mehr]

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